Future Music Composition and Animation Major

Hi, I’m Kim. I’m pretty rad and outgoing. I don’t like answering the phone, but I will sometimes. I’m that seagull that shit on your ice cream cone at the beach when you were little. That’s all the important stuff, I guess.

I’m a senior in high school. I only have one semester left of seeing all the people I hate. Uh, I only eat the pickles they give you at Jason’s deli. They have the right crunch. Tasty? Hell yeah. When I go to sleep, I listen to Eric Whitacre and when I’m up and running, I listen to Taking Back Sunday and other stuff.
I tend to day dream about driving and going on a high speed pursuit with Get Out The Way by Ludacris playing in the background. Doesn’t turn out too well. I’m pretty weird and nerdy so yeah. Don’t be surprised. My xbox is my best friend.
Whenever you have a bad hair day, I’m having a good day overall, so thanks.

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